The Santa Cruz Casino, a luxury location for the festival

The activities on the Sunday of our festival – including all workshops and the party – will be hosted against the stupendous backdrop of the Real Casino de Tenerife, one of the most important social institutions of the Tenerife capital.  Over the last few years it has opened up more to the community, thus contributing to an improvement in the cultural activity of the archipelago.

In this case 7i Swing Festival will enjoy the luxury of being able to use the main function room, a wonderful place to dance,  along with the rest of the dance halls which will collaborate with the festival.  It is situated in a spectacular part of Santa Cruz where the dancers, bands and other attendees will enjoy what promises to be one of the most attractive days of out event.

The agreement for cooperation with 7i Swing includes other activities which will be held in the heart of the institution before and after the festival, the idea being to extend the relationship beyond this first edition of the festival,