• “Clandestine” at Carnival 2018

    The swing community joins in with the carnival festivities in Tenerife’s capital for the competition and exhibition of vintage cars which took place on Piñata Sunday, in the García Sanabria Park on the Avenida de Anaga in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as is the tradition.

    11:00 a 12:00 Garcia Sanabria Park.
    12:45 to 14:30 Anaga Avenue, (approximately halfway).

    Dress Code: THE DRY LAW and the CHARLESTON ERA.

    From the organization we want to thank the enthusiasm and selfless collaboration of the Club Automóviles Antiguos de Tenerife, always willing and enthusiastic with the idea of sharing space and experience with swing dancers.

    Some pictures of the Clandestine Carnival 2017