FESTIVAL PASS Registration

PARTY PASS Registration: If you are not interested in classes but only in parties. 

How do I sign up for the event?

Filling out the form: Make sure that you read the description of levels and all you need to know, and then you can start to fill out the form. You should receive an e-mail confirming that you have signed up within a couple of days. If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact us directly.

Confirmation: Your registration will need to be reviewed before we can confirm your attendance. Once we have reviewed your registration, we will let you know whether a spot is available or whether we have included you on the waiting list. When we write to confirm your attendance, we will send you instructions on how to make payment. You attendance is not fully confirmed until we have received full payment.

Payment: You will have 7 days to complete payment, starting from the date of reception of your confirmation e-mail. If payment is not received within this period, your spot will be offered to the first person on the waiting list. Once you have completed payment, you should receive a confirmation e-mail. Your payment can be made in two instalments, if you wish: an initial deposit of €50.00 and a second payment with the remaining amount.

Important information before registering

Register with a partner: Leaders and followers have the option of registering together as a pair. To do so, each one will need to register on the same day for the same level and track. If you want to join up to form a pair with someone who has already registered, send us an e-mail to explain the situation and wait for confirmation. It’s possible that the person in question has already been assigned to another partner.

Waiting list: There are several reasons why your registration is initially included in the waiting list – there’s no need to panic:

– The ratio of leaders and followers is not even and we need to wait for more people to sign up before we can confirm your attendance.
– You have signed up with a partner but the other person has not yet signed up.
– The level for which you have signed up is full.

Cancellations: We do not have a reimbursement policy for cancellations for passes which have already been confirmed and paid for. However, we do allow you to sell or transfer your spot to another person under certain conditions:

– The person to whom you wish to transfer your spot must assume the same role at the same class level.
– If you sell or transfer your spot, you will need to send us an e-mail informing us of the transfer in order to avoid any confusion or problems on the day of registration at the festival.
– The final day for transferral of registration is 23rd April.


FESTIVAL PASS Registration

PARTY PASS Registration: If you are not interested in classes but only in parties.